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"Unveiling Elegance, Crafted in Fine Veneer, since 1942"

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Choosing veneer is choosing a unique interior; be it a veneered wall, a veneered furniture or a veneered parquet. The pattern that the wood veneer forms on you is unique and this is in contrast to the many imitations produced today. These oil-based plastic products are also very harmful to the environment. However, since veneer wood is a natural product, it also acquires more character over time.

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About Veneer

Sheets of veneer are thin strips of wood of standard 0.6 mm thickness that are joined together by glue or wire and then glued to a backing. This backing can vary from a flex to a type of board (mdf, plywood, chipboard,…) according to the application. The sheets range from about 1 to 4 meters in length and are normally bundled in packs of 28 or 32 sheets. These veneer sheets then have the same markings and, when unfolded, form an attractive whole for your project. So unlike solid wood, which is cut from a tree trunk, veneer is cut into narrow sheets with a thickness of 0.6 to 4mm. This makes veneer a product with the least amount of residual wood remaining from a trunk with nothing left to do.

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Choosing veneer is only the start: Florin Veneer Trade, as the oldest veneer shop in Belgium, offers a choice of about 80 different wood species, divided into different qualities. Once the choice of wood species is determined, one can look at the desired result for each project. On this basis, the cutting method, jointing method and carrier (= type of sheet or veneer flex) are chosen. The way the veneer is cut and jointed contributes greatly to the final look of your project. Florin Veneer Trade has in house architects to guide you personally and think with you from the choice of suits to the finished end result.

Florin Veneer Trade is closely associated with ISATI. Creative Studio; a studio based around Thibault Florin, producing architecture, design and photography.

The basic principle of ISATI’s design thinking is simple: objects and buildings designed and made/constructed today should be able to retain their relevance over the years and decades. We always start from a rigid and minimalist language of form, but objects are designed to be passed on from generation to generation and the buildings we design should “serve” different generations.

Since 2016, the architectural firm in Kortrijk has been built around Thibault Florin, who graduated as a civil engineer architect in 2013. Because of the close connection with Florin Veneer Trade, the designs like to use timeless and classy materials such as marble and veneer.

Dear, This morning we visited your establishment. This evening we are sitting in the garden musing about the, for us, special visit. Musing about how we will see the fantastically beautiful Elm veneer translated into our renovated home. Special to meet you, people with love for their craft, people with passion for their product and their customers. It made our day! Thanks for thinking along in our "sustainable" thoughts. We look forward to telling people about the origin of our wood elements. It is often said that our history, our culture, our life gets meaning through stories, we already have a story to tell! We would like to thank you"

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