Elementor #1428

Elementor #1428

Florin Fineerhandel

Your veneer expert since 1942

About Us and our relation with veneer

FLORIN FINEERHANDEL is a wholesales trader in sliced veneers: for generations we supply the international door, panel and furniture industry with high quality sliced veneers. Our company history dates back to 1942. From these early days, we have grown to become one of the leading traders of high class sliced veneers. We obtain our supplies from around the globe and we sell our veneers throughout the world.

Our Products

We have several million square meters of veneer inventory and a range of more than 80 different species available in our warehouse. All our veneer is carefully graded and upon leaving the grading line, the veneer is sorted according to their quality and several other criteria as colour, length and grain pattern. Once this process has been completed, the pallets of graded veneer are put into stock ready to be sold.

At request, we can supply:

jointed veneer
veneered panels in different wood species
veneered doors

Some Projects




Office KGDVS


Stephane Beel Architects

Team Florin Fineerhandel

Thibault Florin

Thibault Florin

Alexia Florin

Alexia Florin

Sabine Florin

Sabine Florin

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